Our Staff
Donnell Rehagen - Chief Executive Officer

Donnell serves as the Chief Executive Officer for biomass-based diesel’s preeminent trade association. With more than 115 member companies, the National Biodiesel Board is the leading U.S. organization representing the biodiesel and renewable diesel industry. Donnell works closely with NBB’s board of directors to ensure the industry has a clear, sharp vision of the future – full of growth and opportunity for the members it serves. Donnell provides leadership to NBB’s highly competent and passionate staff and team of advocacy, technical, environmental science, and communications professionals in a dedicated drive to see the industry reach its vision of six billion gallons of demand by 2030. Leveraging America’s growing demand for cleaner and better transportation and home heating fuels, the industry is poised to deliver on that demand today.

Donnell joined NBB in 2004 as its Chief Operating Officer and assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer in 2016. Donnell has Masters in Public Administration from the University of Missouri – Columbia and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems from Missouri State University.

Doug Whitehead - Chief Operating Officer

Doug serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the National Biodiesel Board, responsible for ensuring that the association’s strategic plan, fund development, programs, and procedures support the needs of the biodiesel industry. As the association’s COO, Doug continuously strives to improve operations for the company and works diligently to ensure NBB’s team of dedicated staff has the resources and tools they need to execute materials for our valued members. Doug often takes the pulse of the association by assessing performance at NBB and utilizing each team member’s strengths to aid in building a stronger biodiesel and renewable diesel industry.   

Doug has decades of experience in business development, government relations, and consulting, with more than 18 years in the biodiesel space and 15 years in local elected office. In addition to serving as NBB’s Chief Operating Officer, Doug spent time managing NBB’s work in Washington D.C. supporting the reinstatement of the biodiesel tax credit, defending the Renewable Fuel Standard program, and fighting against several trade cases on illegally traded biodiesel imports.

In 2002, Doug became NBB’s first in-house State Regulatory Director. From 2008-2017 he served as Director of Operations & Membership before assuming the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2017. A graduate of Kansas State University, Doug was born in Missouri and lives in Jefferson City, Missouri, where NBB is headquartered.

April Yaeger - Chief Financial Officer

April serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the National Biodiesel Board. April is responsible for managing all aspects of financial operations for NBB. April is the liaison to the board’s finance and investment committee, as well as the audit committee. April works to develop policies for financial accountant matters and manages resources to maintain a smooth operation of the organizations NBB represents. In addition to her vast financial role, April oversees all human resources, communicating all benefits and policies to employees.

With April’s rich finance background, NBB also called upon her to assist with the National Biodiesel Foundation and National Biodiesel PAC.

April graduated from Southwest Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. April joined the National Biodiesel Board in 2006. Prior to joining NBB, she was the CFO for a not-for-profit service organization for 10 years.



Desiree Hale - Accounting Specialist

Desiree serves as an Accounting Specialist for the National Biodiesel Board. Desiree is responsible for processing accounts payable, payroll, and other reimbursement projects.  She also serves as the Staff Liaison for the BQ-9000 Program,  a quality systems program that includes storage, sampling, testing, blending, shipping, distribution, and fuel management practices.

Desiree joined the NBB staff in 2005 with a diverse background in Long Term Care business management and Municipal Government financial services.

Anne Klempke - Accounting Specialist

Anne serves as an Accounting Specialist for the National Biodiesel Board. Anne is responsible for processing Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, and other reimbursement projects. She also maintains the NBB membership database.

Anne graduated from Columbia College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a major in Accounting. Prior to joining NBB, she served 20 years in the US Army.

Communications/Media Relations
Liz McCune - Director of Communications

Liz McCune serves as Director of Communications, responsible for supporting the National Biodiesel Board’s efforts to continue to grow the biodiesel and renewable diesel industry and share our vision. With an in-depth background in strategic communications, Liz is passionate about storytelling and building relationships with industry partners.

She is leading efforts to craft and share messages on the industry’s plans to move from 3 to 6 billion gallons by 2030, as well as promote the National Biodiesel Board and the members it serves. Liz is responsible for the development of communication strategies for the team and supports the industry through content enhancing the Better, Cleaner, Now message.

Liz joined NBB in 2021. Previously, she worked in media relations and served as chief speechwriter to the president at the University of Missouri. Before working for the university, McCune was a reporter and editor at newspapers across the country, including the Florida Times-Union and the Columbia Daily Tribune. McCune, a Missouri native, holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Mizzou.

Environmental Science/Sustainability
Matt Herman - Director of Environmental Science

Matt serves as the Director of Environmental Science for the National Biodiesel Board. Matt is an experienced sustainability professional with deep experience using life cycle assessment to measure the environmental attributes of biodiesel, renewable diesel, and the supply chains which support their production. As Director of Environmental Science, Matt works closely with NBB's advocacy team and the membership to ensure that laws and regulations properly reflect the sustainable nature of the fuels our members produce. He is passionate about ensuring that policy adequately reflects biodiesel and renewable diesel's contribution in the fight against climate change.

Previously, Matt has held positions as Director of Policy of the Industrial and Environmental Section at the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and as Manager of Sustainability for Renewable Energy Group, a leading producer of biomass-based diesel. Matt was educated at Iowa State University where he earned a bachelor's degree in History and Political Science and completed graduate studies in Biorenewable Resource Policy.

Federal Affairs
Kurt Kovarik - Vice President of Federal Affairs

As Vice President of Federal Affairs, Kurt leads the National Biodiesel Board’s members in advocating federal policies that support the industry’s growth. Since joining NBB, Kurt has helped the industry secure a long-term extension of the biodiesel tax incentive, preserve important protections against unfair international trade, and ensure the integrity of the Renewable Fuel Standard program. Kurt continues to organize the industry’s advocacy for equitable tax, infrastructure, and environmental policies.

Prior to joining NBB, Kurt worked for more than 20 years in the office of Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), leading efforts on the Renewable Fuel Standard, the biodiesel tax incentive, and increased use of biofuels. An Iowa native, Kurt graduated from Luther College with a degree in political science.

David Cobb - Director of Federal Affairs

As Director of Federal Affairs, David advocates for Congressional support of the National Biodiesel Board’s policy priorities. Since joining NBB, David has helped the industry identify and foster new Congressional champions and organize successful advocacy events. David leads industry efforts to secure federal support for biodiesel infrastructure in emerging markets and currently serves as Treasurer of the National Biodiesel Political Action Committee.

Prior to joining NBB, David was Director of Federal Affairs for CHS Inc., the nation’s largest farmer owned cooperative. David was previously Legislative Assistant for agriculture and natural resources issues to Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) and on the staff of Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA). David is a native of Ruston, LA and earned a B.A. from Louisiana Tech University.

Paul Winters - Director of Public Affairs and Federal Communications

As Director of Public Affairs and Federal Communications, Paul leads the National Biodiesel Board’s communications efforts and media outreach on federal policy priorities, including the Renewable Fuel Standard. Since joining NBB, Paul has helped members build robust relationships with members of Congress and provided effective tools to educate stakeholders about the effectiveness of federal policies and the benefits of biodiesel and renewable diesel.

Paul brings to NBB extensive experience in media relations and advocacy on the RFS and other federal policies. Paul earned a bachelor's degree at UCLA and a master's degree at the University of California, Davis, in political science and international relations.

Kate Shenk - Director of Regulatory Affairs

As Director of Regulatory Affairs, Kate leads the National Biodiesel Board’s members in navigating federal regulatory policies. Since joining NBB, Kate has helped the industry advocate for growth in annual Renewable Fuel Standard rules, eligibility for grants in USDA infrastructure incentive program, and a prominent role in addressing the climate crisis. Kate leads the industry’s efforts to secure equitable treatment of biodiesel and renewable diesel and their diverse feedstocks in EPA, DOE and USDA programs.

Kate brings to NBB extensive knowledge of the Clean Air Act and related regulatory policies. Kate earned a Master of Science in environmental policy at Bard Center for Environmental Policy, Bard College in New York. She also is president of Women in Government Relations, a non-partisan professional society in Washington.

Information Management
Bev Thessen - Information Coordinator

Bev serves as the Information Coordinator for the National Biodiesel Board. Bev has been employed with the National Biodiesel Board since 1994 and plays a significant role as first point of contact for the office, whether by incoming calls or e-mail requests. In addition, Bev assists with NBB’s website, database management, and communications outreach. Another key responsibility is taking minutes for membership, the Governing Board, and many of NBB’s working groups. Bev keeps staff up to date with reviewing and routing newsletters, articles, and information about upcoming meetings.

Prior to joining NBB, Bev was employed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Hazardous Waste Program.

Operations & Membership
Brad Shimmens - Director of Operations and Membership

Brad serves as the Director of Operations and Membership for the National Biodiesel Board. Brad is responsible for the design and execution, in collaboration with all staff, of a comprehensive membership outreach and communication program which is reviewed and adjusted as needed on an annual basis. He is responsible for recruiting (assisting with the application process) new members, assisting members with questions, and providing information and documentation to new and current members. Also, he is responsible for coordinating, administrating and reporting all program related contracts for funding and for subcontracting as well as for the identification and development of alternative revenue sources. Brad also works with NBB staff to host meetings and events throughout the country for NBB members.

Brad attended The University of Missouri and graduated with a BS in Finance. He then pursued and completed his MBA from William Woods University. Prior to joining NBB, he worked for Central BanCompany at many capacities, most recently as a Commercial Loan Officer. He comes to NBB with a background in finance, business development and community outreach.

Outreach & Development
Tom Verry - Director of Outreach and Development

Tom serves as the Director of Outreach and Development for the National Biodiesel Board. Tom works to establish synergistic relationships for the benefit of the biodiesel industry with key stakeholders including feed stock suppliers, state soybean associations, fuel suppliers, end-users, policy makers, government agencies, and environmental/ health groups. Tom also works to identify and access resources that will address the needs of the organization and the industry.

Previously, Tom spent 12 years as the Director of Field Services for the Missouri Soybean Association. Tom was responsible for developing soybased industrial products and turning them into value-added opportunities for Missouri soybean producers. Tom has worked on biodiesel for twelve years in Missouri helping to develop state biodiesel policies, regulations and markets. Tom is a 1987 graduate of University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics.

State Affairs
Floyd Vergara - Director of State Governmental Affairs

Floyd Vergara serves as the Director of State Governmental Affairs for the National Biodiesel Board. In this capacity, he manages the West Coast office in Sacramento, CA, and manages a team of professionals responsible for government affairs in all 50 states.

Before joining NBB, Floyd served as Chief and Assistant Chief in the Industrial Strategies Division and Research Division at the California Air Resources Board. With over three decades of experience at CARB, his expertise includes the Low Carbon Fuels Standard, climate change and air quality programs, renewable and conventional fuels, environmental justice, and other environmental issues. Floyd is a licensed Professional Engineer with a BS in chemical engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and a licensed attorney with a JD from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law.

Steve Dodge - Director of State Regulatory Affairs

Steve serves as the Director of State Regulatory Affairs for the National Biodiesel Board. In this role, he engages in technical analysis of issues associated with biodiesel and renewable diesel, and represent the interests of NBB’s members to state regulatory bodies, state legislatures, and state environmental organizations. Housed on the East Coast, his primary focus is on advancing state and regional policy efforts for biodiesel, renewable diesel, and Bioheat® fuel home heating oil in the Northeast.

Previously, Steve held positions as the American Petroleum Institute's Executive Director and Associate Director of the Massachusetts/New England Petroleum Council, Director of the Massachusetts Governor's legislative office, and other staff positions in the state department of revenue and state legislature.

Jeff Earl - Director of State Regulatory Affairs

Jeff Earl serves as the Director of State Regulatory Affairs for the National Biodiesel Board. Earl is a new addition to the association’s state regulatory staff, led by Floyd Vergara in Sacramento, and Stephen Dodge in Boston. He will serve the industry from NBB’s headquarters in Jefferson City, Missouri, covering the Midwest states on behalf of the association.

As the director of state regulatory affairs, Earl will engage in technical analysis of issues associated with biodiesel and represent the interests of NBB’s members to state regulatory bodies, legislatures and environmental organizations.

Earl comes to NBB from the Office of Missouri Governor, where he held the position of legislative director. Previously, he served in leadership positions with the Department of Corrections and Office of the State Auditor. Earl holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and mass communications from Southeast Missouri State University.

Scott Fenwick - Technical Director

Scott serves as the Technical Director for the National Biodiesel Board, working in the Jefferson City, MO headquarters. Scott leads the advancement of core member services for technical and quality assurance support issues. Scott provides key support for technical aspects needed by biodiesel stakeholders including both producer members, obligated parties and fuel users to effectively position the biodiesel industry. Additionally, he educates key decision makers to help build industry credibility. In addition to coordinating the OEM and fuel quality programs under the NBB, Scott has also been elected to chair the ASTM D02 Committee covering all Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels and Lubricants. He also coordinates other international biodiesel and fuel activities for other standards development organizations. After serving as Chairman of the BQ-9000 Commission, Scott now assists as the NBB liaison to the National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission.

Prior to joining the National Biodiesel Board, Scott had been involved with the fuel inspection industry for nearly 25 years and managed several fuel testing laboratories. After attending Purdue University, he also worked for Archer Daniels Midland Company organizing their Biofuels Technical Services.

Web Development/IT Services
Scott Tremain - IT Director / NBBIT.com

Scott serves as the IT Director for the National Biodiesel Board and a Principal in NBBIT, NBB's IT Division. As IT Director, Scott is responsible for the strategic direction and implementation of NBB's information, technology, and computing systems.

A graduate of the University of Central Missouri, Scott joined NBB in 2002 and oversees the direction, support and maintenance of all hardware, software, and technology systems used by NBB. In addition, Scott directs the effective delivery of networks, development, and disaster recovery systems and processes. With over 25 years experience in web design and development, Scott is also responsible for daily management and maintenance of the NBB Family of Web Sites, including Biodiesel.org, NBB.org, BQ-9000.org, AskBen.info, BiodieselFoundation.org, BiodieselConference.org, BiodieselPAC.org, and others.

NBB's IT Division, known commercially as NBBIT, is a leading web design, development and web hosting company maintaining sites for clients across the country. NBBIT provides organizations with comprehensive and professional internet and technology solutions including web design, development, and marketing, online applications, web/email hosting, domain registration, graphic/print design, social media management and related consultancy services. As Principal in NBBIT, Scott oversees all client web sites plus the full line of IT services that NBBIT offers. You can visit NBBIT at www.NBBIT.com.

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